"I'm researching how fruit flies may hold the answer to stopping cancer growth."
Dr. Madhuri Kango-Singh, Ph.D. Lab, University of Dayton, 2019 

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January 2021

"Jenea Adams, a second year PhD student, found it hard to connect with other Black women in her field of study. She then decided to create the Black Women in Computational Biology Network, which has attracted the support of many researchers. We spoke to her about the Network, as well as gender and racial inequality."


Jenea I. Adams

Excited about transcriptomics, RNA biology, and computational method development in biomedical research and the artistry at the intersection of biology, statistics and computer science


Professional Focus

I'm currently a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Pennsylvania in the Perelman School of Medicine's Genomics and Computational Biology program. I'm a member of the Yi Xing Lab at the Children's Hospital of

Philadelphia Center for Computational and Genomic Medicine.

While completing my Ph.D. training, I'm also dually enrolled in a Statistics Masters program in The Wharton School's Department of Statistics and Data Science. 

I'm excited about biomedical data science method development with clinical cancer immunotherapy applications.

My doctoral research explores the development of new genomics and bioinformatics tools, informed by RNA biology, to improve cancer treatment options with targeted immunotherapies. During my rotation, I employed computational tools developed in the lab (e.g., rMATS, IRIS) to investigate alternative splicing in pediatric and adult AML data to reveal novel targets of CAR-T cell receptor-mediated immunotherapy.   


The Black Women Computational Biology NE

Leveraging the unique toolset of Black women in computational biology to advance science

I've developed a rapidly growing online networking platform for Black women in computational biology. It's a thriving community of Black women scientists from diverse professional backgrounds who come together with a common passion or interest in cutting-edge computational approaches to today's biological questions. It features member stories, professional development opportunities, and an easy way for Black women in the field to find one another to foster dynamic scientific collaborations.