• Moves to Philadelphia, PA!

  • Began Wang Lab rotation

    Worked on machine learning for lncRNA co-expression analysis

  • Became Science Education Academy Teacher

    Volunteer opportunity to teach grade school children science topics on weekends in the West Philadelphia neighborhood

  • Earned ABRCMS top poster presentation award

    Poster titled "The Role of Sensors and Effectors in Protein-Protein Interactions: A Systematic Study" earned top poster award in the Computational and Systems Biology Category

  • Began Xing Lab Rotation

    Worked on transcriptomic analysis of pediatric AML data

  • Founded the Black Women in Computational Biology Network

    The Network was first pitched on Twitter and the member directory first began to grow

  • Named NSF GRFP Honorable Mention

    Research proposal titled "Integrative lncRNA Target Genes Identification Via Co-Expression Modeling" earned Honorable Mention in the Life Sciences-Computational Biology and Bioinformatics category

  • Began Shalem Lab Rotation

    Researched deep learning approached for cellular image analysis

  • Joined the Yi Xing Lab at CHOP

    Jenea joined the Xing Lab for her thesis work and looks forward to working on cancer genomics and bioinformatics surrounding RNA biology.

  • Invited Talk at ISCB Student Council Symposium

    Jenea delivered a talk at The International Society for Computational Biology Student Council Symposium on The Black Women in Computational Biology Network

  • Invited Talk at ISCB Intelligent Systems for Microbiology Conference

    Jenea delivered a "Lunch and Learn" speech on The Black Women in Computational Biology Network to the community of the International Society for Computational Biology at the first virtual ISMB Conference, originally planned for Montreal, CA

  • Feature in Nature Careers Article

    Researchers reflect on a challenging pandemic year and on how lockdowns changed their approach to work and their perceptions of the scientific enterprise. Jenea's work with #BlackWomenCompBio and life as a Ph.D. student in a multi-pandemic era are highlighted.

Computational Biologist, Creator, Community-Builder. 

University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA 19104

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